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9 Beer Fests Worth Adding To Your Bucket List

Published February 17th, 2015

Forget skydiving. If you're a craft beer lover, there are other things you want to do before you "kick the bucket". Take, for example, not missing out on the coolest beer fests held throughout the world. So as you begin to create and refine your ultimate bucket list, here are the 9 beer fests that should, without question, make your list.

Oktoberfest (Munich, Bavaria, Germany)
To say that this is a must-see would be an understatement. This 16-day festival runs from late September to the first weekend in October, and is the world's largest funfair of its kind. Oktoberfest has been held since 1810, and is an important part of the Bavarian culture, and has also become the model for thousands of Oktoberfests held across the globe. In recent years, upwards of 6.5 million people have visited this Mecca of beer fests, with some 7 million liters of beer served. Yup, this is the definte bucket list contender. Click here for more info

Great American Beer Festival / GABF (Denver, CO)
Not to be outdone by the Europeans, we Americans have a massively-sized beer festival we can call our own as well – GABF. The GABF represents the largest collection of US beer ever served, in a public tasting event plus a private competition. Here's a fun fact: The Guinness Book of Word Records® states there is no other place on this mighty planet of ours where you can find more beers on tap than at GABF. In other words, this may be on your bucket list, but when you get there, you'll have thought you already died and gone to heaven.  Click here for more info

Oregon Brewers Festival (Portland, OR)
Portland, Oregon is the king of craft beer and breweries, making a trek to this city alone worthy of a space on your bucket list. Now combine the craft-beer-craze of Portland with the famed Oregon Brewers Festival, and you have a recipe for an unforgettable getaway. Typically held in the summer (when Portland weather is at its finest), the brewers festival features craft beer from around the country and world (including New Zealand and the Netherlands).  Click here for more info

Cambridge Beer Festival (Cambridge, UK)
Returning back across the pond, let's venture on over to the Queen's land, to jolly ol' Cambridge, where the first Cambridge Beer Festival was held in 1974. Sure, you'll get some great beer to choose from, but this being the UK, you'll also get some hard-to-find cider, perry, and mead. And while the Brits aren't known for their cuisine, you'll be completely content with the fine cheeses, bread, pork pies, and ham made available to you.  Click here for more info

Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival (Atlantic City, NJ)
Sometimes beer festivals are all about the beer, and nothing else (and there's nothing wrong with that!). Sometimes food gets to share the spotlight. And sometimes, just sometimes, a festival comes along that so magically combines the best in craft beer and music, that it solidifies itself as a can't miss event. Such is the case with the Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival, that in 2015 celebrates its 10 year anniversary on March 20 and  21. Festival attendees will see over 1,000 beers, huge musical acts, beer/food pairings, March Madness viewing area, pop-up jam band space and will be educated on the beers they love and how they were made.  Click here for more info

Great Taste of the Midwest (Madison, WI)
Typically held in August, the Great Taste of the Midwest is the ultimate and premier beer festival in the U.S. With a great setting (overlooking lake Monona), Great Taste features more than 100 brewpupbs and microbreweries, all of whom are eager to share their wares and knowledge.  Click here for more info

Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival (Ypsilanti, MI)
Not too far from the home of Great Taste of Midwest exists yet another summertime festival favorite of the Midwest: the Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival. More than 800 different beers from more than 80 Michigan craft breweries are served as the folks who make up the Michigan craft beer community come together to show to the world what Michican has to offer (and it's not just cards).  Click here for more info

Extreme Beer Fest (Boston, MA)
What bucket list is complete without doing something extreme? Thank goodness for the Extreme Beer Fest, where craft brewers come together to blow the minds of beer drinkers everywhere with their never-thought-of combos and concoctions. This is the ultimate give and take event. You get to take, take, take all the beers you want, but these passionate and innovative brewers are all too eager to give you answers to all of your questions about the beer making process. Extreme Beer Fest is the ultimate beer lab, and you can be a part of it. Click here for more info

California Craft Beer Summit (Sacramento, CA)
This may be the first year of the California Craft Beer Summit, but we're sure it won't be the last, which is why it rounds out our top 9 fests to add to your bucket list. What makes this festival so special? It's experiential (you don't just taste beer, but you touch, smell and feel how beer is made); it's educational (including workshops, seminars, demos and displays) and it's a social event (rub elbows with the who's who of the craft beer industry). Consider this the ultimate full-senses beer festival experience. Click here for more info 

Your bucket list has something else? Oh, do share ...

We're pretty proud of the bucket list we created, but we're sure you've come up with some.

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