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Fighting Cancer One Beer At A Time - The USA Pour Tour

Published October 30th, 2014

Todd Ruggere is no stranger to traveling, or beer. In the last few years, Ruggere has made it a life's mission to travel across all 351 towns in Massachusetts and 169 towns in Connecticut, and enjoy a beer in each and every place he visits. And while drinking a massive amount of beer while sightseeing seems like something most of us wouldn't mind doing for fun, Ruggere's journey was formed for a greater purpose – cancer research.

To date, Ruggere has raised nearly $100,000, traveling across two tiny states in the Northeast corner of the country, and has garnered attention from major media outlets including the Today Show, CNN and even Hawaii News. It got him thinking, could he go bigger and better?

From New England to the Open Road - The USA Pour Tour

In the past, Ruggere has donated to local causes. For his CT Pour Tour, he donated the money raised to a variety of CT cancer hospitals, with the majority being donated to Smillow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven, while in 2013's Massachusetts tour, he raised $40,000 for Dan Farber's Children' Institute.

This year (2015, technically), his goal is to donate money raised to 50 different cancer hospitals across the country, so that each and every state benefits from his journey.

How does Todd raise money for cancer research?

Ruggere's journey includes pit stops along the way. At each pit stop, he'll hold fundraising events that will include prizes such as iPads, sport tickets, vacations and more. Patrons at each bar will enter raffles for these prizes, with money from the raffles going toward supporting cancer research. Ruggere will also work with each local bar to hopefully donate portions of all sales, while Ruggere is holding his fundraising event.

How can you help Ruggere tour the country in support of cancer research?

There are two ways that you can help make this massive journey a reality.

  1. Suggest a place for Ruggere to have a beer. It takes a lot of time, planning, and research to decide on the "right" place to have a beer across the country. Ruggere relies on suggestions from others, which is where you can help. To date, he's already locked in nearly 15 stops, but he needs more suggestions. You can suggest your favorite bar directly on the USA Pour Tour site.
  2. Donate to the cause. Donating to Ruggere's GoFundMe page will give him the resources to not only gas-up his car for travels, but also to purchase the type of prizes people across the country will want. The better the prizes, the more money Ruggere is sure he can raise for cancer research.

Here's the breakdown of how all donated money will be used:

  • 33% will be used to fulfill rewards offered to the donators (more on that below)
  • The remainder will be used to cover expenses and tour costs, including all prizes

What do I get if I donate to Ruggere's USA Pour Tour?

You mean other than the good feeling of supporting a worthy cause? Oh okay, so, what you "get" is all based on what you give. 

  • $1+ = We thank you for your support! Let's have a beer on the road.
  • $5+ = Get a USA Pour Tour Sticker!
  • $10 = USA Pour Tour bracelet
  • $25 = Beer and Cancer bangle
  • $50 = Get a 64-oz Mobi-Growler OR the Indestructible Bottle Keeper
  • $75 = Sunglasses that feature a bottle opener on the frames
  • $90 = "Follow Me, Bring Beer" Flip Flops
  • $100 = Get the Spin Chill, which can turn your warm beer cold in less than 60 seconds
  • $200 = Shadow Box custom made for your bottle caps OR The Ice Mule Cooler
  • $500 = The Synek Draft System (which Beer Fests has talked about before)
  • $1,000 = Guarantee that Todd's event is held at your bar of choice, and money raised in that state can go to the hospital of your choice
  • $2,000 = Get a beer named after you. A portion of the sales of the beer named after you will go to a charity of your choice, and you'll get your name and any logo you choose put on the USA Pour Tour vehicle

Advertising potentials

You also have the opportunity of purchasing an ad space on Ruggere's USA Pour Tour car. One look at this CT Pour Tour Car (below), and you'll see how much attention these Pour Tour-mobiles get. Imagine garnering that attention from coast to coast, as well as in Alaska and Hawaii? For $100/$250/$500 you can get a small/medium/large logo put on his car.  You can also contact Todd directly, at [email protected] if you're interested in sponsoring a large piece of his car (hood, back window, etc.).

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