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Hooray for #IPA Day - August 7th

Published August 5th, 2014

Every day there’s a reason to celebrate something - be it National Doughnut Day, National Coffee Day or even National Underwear Day (August 5th, people). And while beer is part of most of these celebrations - and why not - doesn’t it make sense that one of America’s favorite styles of beer get its own day in the spotlight?

Alas, your wish has come true. IPA Day comes around every year (August 7th this year), and is a time for breweries, bloggers, businesses and consumers to tear down their walls and lift up their glasses of IPA in unison and say “Craft Beer, We Salute You” … or something like that.

What exactly is IPA Day? 

While many other “days” are the creation of greeting cards and big business (okay, maybe Underwear Day isn’t), IPA Day isn’t. IPA Day was founded by bonafide beer enthusiasts Ashley Routson and Ryan Ross, in 2011, in an effort to unite the voices of beer enthusiasts across the virtual world of social media. 

It takes little more than a hashtag and a dream to become a part of IPA Day. Here’s how it works. So long as you’re a beer enthusiast and know how to type #IPADay into your social media feeds, you’re welcome onboard. But it isn’t just about hashtags. Here’s how else you can participate and push forward the IPA Day initiative. 

  • Organize - You can organize a formal IPA Day event at your local brewery, pub, bar, home or even office, and share your event with the Event Calendar.
  • Share - Being born from the concept of social media, IPA Day is big on sharing. Affixing #IPADay to your posts, share your recipes, tasting notes, photos, videos and more to social media, thus contributing your voice to the craft beer chatter.
  • Search - Social media isn’t a one-way street, you know. While you’re sharing your own thoughts and pics, be a good doobie and search others’ posts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+, all by using #IPADay.

So, what’s the benefit of doing a #IPADay search? 

Go ahead, take a look. Jump on, for example, Facebook and search using #IPADay. What do you find? Chances are you’ll find upcoming events celebrating IPA Day, including events from Red Hare Brewing Company, Southern Brewing & Winemaking and Twisted Manzanita Ales. Thousands of posts on Instagram (with #IPADay attached) show off cool and unusual pics from breweries and events across the country (and beyond). 

It’s pretty brilliant, actually. A simple movement, accented with a hashtag, makes it easy for brewers, pubs and beer drinkers to get on the same virtual page to share ideas, events, and more. It costs no money to be a part of, and is a simple way to get your message out (or to learn about a cool event happening in your neck of the woods). 

So, if you’re ready to join in the fun, all it takes is a hashtag and a few thumb movements, and you’re well on your way to celebrating IPADay, 2014. Enjoy!

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