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PedalPub - The Bar That's With You Everywhere You Go

Published September 9th, 2014

It all began with a simple photograph, and has now become a nationwide craze. Combining two very cool concepts - biking and beer - PedalPub is the first - and oldest - party bike business in the U.S. and to date has helped nearly 30 party bike businesses grow all across the country.

But what exactly is the PedalPub?

Back in 2007, PedalPub's founders (Al Boyce and Eric Olson) happened upon a photo of the Fietscafe® party bike, which calls the Netherlands home. The photograph just happened to be one shared from a friend, but Boyce and Olson got to thinking - heck, we like beer here. Heck, we like bikes here. Why wouldn't a party bike work here?

So they took a leap of faith. Harnessing their experience as previous business owners, along with the confidence that they had a winning idea, Boyce and Olson got to work on bringing a little Dutch to America. Not wanting to fall short on their expectations, they decided to go big, by partnering with Fietscafe® in the Netherlands who was already making the bikes.

Reliability and appeal

Most people know what it's like to have a car break down. And some folks even know how it feels like to have a keg fail on you. The folks at PedalPub didn't want either of these experiences to happen to their PedalPub faithful, which is why they chose to have their bikes made by Fietscafe®. The first bike ever made by Fietscafe® - back in 1996 - is still on the road. So too is every pedal bike made for PedalPub since 2007 .

Not a bad reputation. And the look of the PedalPub bike is enough to get anyone to want to be a part of the festivities, including the coveted "Bike With The Barrel®", which is the only such bike found in the US.

As many as 16 patrons can fit onto the bike, which is operated by a company-provider driver, who steers the contraption while encouraging patrons to "Pedal! Pedal! Pedal!" Keep in mind - this is pedaling, meaning it does take some work.

But most folks say it's an experience worth having.

How can you take part in a PedalPub party?

PedalPub gives you tons of options to take the party on the road. Think you have what it takes to run your own business? Then you might want to look into buying a bike. First year startup costs are generally around $50,000, which is low compared to other ventures and is backed by PedalPubs' territorial protection, training and support.

Of course, running a business may not be what you're interested in. Perhaps you just want to hop on, pedal and drink. That's not a problem at all. PedalPubs has sold their bikes to a number of businesses across the country, from Seattle (The Cycle Saloon) all the way down to St. Petersburg, FL. Businesses can also purchase a special promotional PedalPub, that (because of its look and allure) can help expand a company's market reach and base. The difference with a promotional PedalPub is that the bike can't be rented out to the public, purchasers don't have territorial protection (meaning they can bring the bike anywhere in the US), and PedalPub can take back the bike if it's being used for a prohibited purpose.

Why might you want a PedalPub?

I suppose the question really ought to be why wouldn't you want a PedalPub. People rent out PedalPubs for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties
  • Graduations
  • Milestone ceremonies
  • To entertain family visiting your city
  • Creative business meetings
  • An alternative to a night at the bar
  • Just because

Part spin class. Part pub crawl.

As much as PedalPub is a chance to drink with friends, it's also a little workout. Mind you there are usually around 10 people pedaling at once, so it's not like you're responsible for carrying the load, but it's not as stationary as sitting your but down on a bar stool. Some cities allow drinking on the bike, however, most cities allow drinking at certain stops, making this experience quite similar to a pub crawl, only in far greater style.

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