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SYNEK - The Keurig of beers - Brings Craft Brew to Your Counter

Published July 8th, 2014

Keurig brought the fresh taste of cafe-style coffee to our homes. SYNEK is on a mission to do the same thing … with your beer.  Known as the world’s first portable tap house, SYNEK gives you access to any beer ever made, right from your counter.

No bigger or heavier than a toaster oven, and operational anywhere that an outlet can be found, SYNEK lets beer drinkers enjoy tap-quality brews, wherever they want. And, judging on the success they’ve enjoyed on Kickstarter, it seems people are buying into the excitement. 

With just about two weeks to go on their crowdsourcing campaign, SYNEK has exceeded its $250,000 goal by raising nearly $350,000 to help manufacture and distribute their unique draft system. But how does this system work?

The skinny behind the SYNEK draft system

Using a SYNEK is as easy as filling up a growler - except, with a SYNEK, your beer will last far longer. 

SYNEK consists of a special type of bag that can hold up to 30PSI, is UV protected, and vacuum sealed, which  maintains the quality of the beer for months. If you have a place in your neighborhood where you fill up growlers, you’re in luck. Just as easily as it is to fill up a bottle, your brewers can fill up your SYNEK bag. Of course there are a growing number of well known brewers who are making their beer available in SYNEK bags as well, including Red Hook, Five Stones, Founders, Brew Dog, Real Ale, Six Row, Steel & Oak and more. 

Once your bag is filled, you stick it in the SYNEK dispensers, connect a few tubes, and you’re ready to go. Both temperature and pressure are adjustable, and the dispenser - which is easily portable - works wherever there’s a standard outlet. Pouring your beer is as easy as, well, pouring your beer. If you’ve ever seen or operated a tap at a bar, you know how to work the SYNEK dispenser. 

One of the coolest parts of the SYNEK is that you’re able to switch out bags at any time. That means you’re not stuck enjoying one craft beer until the bag empties out. Switch the bags whenever you want without ever losing quality. The carbonation of your beer is maintained within the bag, even when the bag is removed from the dispenser. 

Why you should get behind SYNEK

SYNEK is a dream come true for craft brewers and craft beer drinkers. That’s because getting quality Real Estate in a pub’s draft system can be hard. SYNEK is like the eBookstore of tap houses. Craft brewers can now offer the best version of their creations to a wider audience, thanks to SYNEK, and at a lower cost than when sold at pubs. 

How to be a part of SYNEK

SYNEK might have already met its goals, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get in on this innovation before shipment begins in 2015. SYNEK offers a variety of rewards for backers - based on how much cash you throw their way. From t-shirts to early and first editions of the SYNEK dispenser, there are plenty of reasons to become a part of the SYNEK bandwagon before it truly becomes the craft beer game changer. 

Learn more on their Kickstarter campaign

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