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Top Beer Fests and Events for June 2014

Published June 2nd, 2014

June has arrived! Meteorologists tell us it’s summer, but we didn’t need them to realize it. You wake up and the sun’s up - and stays up well past 8 p.m. It’s time to celebrate, right? And what a time to be in a celebratory mood, as June is home to some of the top beer fests and events of the year. From the mountain tops of Colorado to the colonial streets of Philly, there’s a June beer fest right around the corner from where you live (or a plane ride away if you’re up to the adventure).

Here are June’s top beer fests and events for 2014:

  1. 7th Annual Rails & Ales Brewfest - Held in Colorado, Rails and Ales 2014 includes a scenic rail ride that - alone - is pretty remarkable. Add that the rail ride takes you to the annual brew fest, and, well, you can’t beat how bonafide American it all feels. Set within the rustic Rocky Mountains, Rails and Ales 2014 features the region’s best beer, BBQ and live music, in addition to the famed Rio Grande Scenic Railroad. It all takes place on June 21.
  2. 4th Annual Portland Fruit Beer Festival - There very well may be thousands of beer fests brewing in this country every year. But there is only one fruit beer festival, and it belongs to Portland, Oregon. The 4th annual Portland Fruit Beer Festival takes place on June 7th and 8th outside the Burnside Brewing Co. You’ll enjoy fruit beer from Oregon and beyond, including passion fruit, peaches, rhubarb, pears and more.
  3. 10th Annual North American Organic Brewers Festival - Few states in the union are as proud of their organic and sustainable practices as Oregon. This passion pours into their beer, during the 10th annual North American Organic Brewers Festival at Overlook Park in Portland. The event is held Thursday, June 26 - Saturday, June 29 and celebrates Portland’s two finest loves: organic beer and sustainability. Their motto says it all: Drink Organic, Save the Planet, One beer at a time.
  4. 36th Annual National Homebrewers Conference - The Midwest plays host to the country’s passionate, professional and amateur homebrewers at the annual AHA National Homebrewers Conference, held from June 12 - 14 in Grand Rapids, Mich. Anyone with a passion for beer would fit in well at the conference, which offers seminars, speakers, and, yes, beer.
  5. Philly Beer Week - Known for not being shy about their indulgences, the folks of Philly dedicated an entire week toward their love of beer (May 30 - June 8).There is quite literally far too much going on during this week to fit into one page. But rest assured there are endless supplies of beer, food, music and events to keep your week entertained and busy.
  6. Snowmass Mammoth Fest - The Snowmass Mammoth Fest is aptly named, as it’s the mammoth of all festivals. If you were to create a list of everything you wanted in a beer fest, you’d find all that you search for in Snowmass. From endless amounts of beer, to a chili competition, and the most breathtaking scenery on either side of the Mississippi, Snowmass is the perfect spot to choose if you plan on traveling to one destination beer fest this year

Catch it before it’s gone

June has 30 days, but some years it sure doesn’t feel like it. Looked at by many as the month with the best all around weather, these days often fly by way too fast. Don’t let June pass you by without attending at least one of these can’t-miss beer fests or events. Of course, you can seek out more of June's beer fests on the homepage at

So did we get the best of June beer fests and events right? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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