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Published August 1st, 2014

HELP US HELP BREW...AND YOU! Our goal at BeerFests.com is to become the website you think of first when you want to find out about when and where the next beer fest is nationwide. We need your help!

Visit our home page at BeerFests.com. Simply find a beer festival in the month of August we didn't list and we'll mail you a Free BeerFests.com T-Shirt!

PLEASE NOTE: A "Beer Festival" is defined as an organised event during which a variety of beers are available for tasting and purchase. In short, the words "Beer, Brew, Ale, or anything that has to do with beer" has to appear in the official title of the festival to qualify as an entry to win. Having a bunch of friends at your house for a few brews doesn't count!

Here's the rules:

  1. Must be 21+ years of age or older and a US resident to participate.
  2. Beer Festivals must be USA Based onl
  3. "First Come First Serve" - We will award one T-Shirt to the first person to find a beer fest we didn't list.
  4. Beer Festival must start between the dates August 1st to 31st
  5. BeerFests.com reserves the right to decide what qualifies as a beer fest, or not.
  6. The Beer Fest must NOT be on BeerFests.com at the time of submission to count!

Please list your entries below in the Facebook Comments. Lets keep this fun and we're looking forward to your submissions. Cheers!

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