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You Have to Check Out These 6 Underrated Beer Fests

Published May 5th, 2015

It's always fun to go to the biggest, most extravagant beer fests throughout the country. It's like you were invited to the coolest party of the year. Who doesn't like that?

But it's equally as fun to find those hidden gems that are just as exciting, yet have somehow fallen under the radar. That's like being the first in your group to discover a really cool band - your street cred sky rockets, doesn't it?

These 6 underrated beer fests are worth the trip and should surely become a part of your national beer fest tour.

  1.  The Festival by the Shelton Brothers - St. Petersburg, FL Last year's event, held by the Shelton Brothers, took place in Los Angeles, and if this year's event is anything like that one ... be prepared to be blown away. This 2-day event didn't come close to selling out, which is unbelievable seeing that some astounding craft breweries were in attendance (Jean-Pierre van Roy, Cantillon, Shaun Hill, Hill Farmstead, etc.). Rumor has it Cantillon cracked open vintage bottles worth $7,000. Here's your chance to meet and greet world-class brewers and experience the very best they have to offer. Learn more now.
  2. Where The Wild  Beers Are – Brooklyn NY
    You know a beer fest is something special if it's hosted in two different locations. In fact, Where The Wild Beers Are isn't your typical beer festival. It's more of a participatory event, where fans of the funk come with their rare and unconventional wild and sour ales. Where most festivals focus on the pure-yeast-culture of beer, Where The Wild Beers Are celebrates an age-old approach to beer making. It's a BYOB festival (the more you bring, the more samples there are!), which leads to some interesting beers featured. "One of my favorite events of the year because of its smaller size, being a bunch of sours and funk, and because it's BYOB! Some of the stuff these attendees have in their cellars or bring home from travels around the world is insane."- Mark Opdahl, owner of Chop Liver Craft Beer Festival. Learn more now (MN). Learn more now (Brooklyn).

  3. SurlyFest - Brooklyn Center, MN
    SurlyFest is is a unique event to Minnesota, and happens just one month before Surly Brewing Company's gigantic Darkness Day event. SurlyFest is Surl's Oktoberfest bier, and the beer is given the spotlight in this parking lot party that unites the twin cities like never before. If you like to mix in tremendously well crafted beer with a massive party, then you surely can't afford to miss SurlyFest. Learn more now.

  4. Beervana - Sioux Falls, S
    You haven't reached full beer enlightenment until you've gone to Beervana. Beervana is Monk's House of Ale Repute's annual beer festival. It's a parking lot meets one-offs that makes for one of the most amazing times you'll have at any beer festival. Forget the glitz and glamour. This is real South Dakota. A parking lot, 80s cover band and beer ... lots and lots of awesome beers. Get right down to what you came there to do - drink. In South Dakota, they know how to make that happen.  "It's real South Dakota in the simplicity of it being a parking lot, a couple bands, and the most ridiculous beer list anywhere in SoDak." - Mark Opdahl, owner of Chop Liver Craft Beer Festival.
    Learn more now.\
  5. Powerkeg Beer & Chili Festival - Exeter, NH
    Everything about Powerkeg feels right. Perhaps it's because the NH beer festival falls in line with New England's cooling autumn days and fall foliage. There's something about craft beer, homemade chili, and spectacular fall foliage views that make this a one-of-a-kind event. If you're not from New England, you don't know what you're missing if you haven't seen a NH autumn. Why not come see the colors while enjoying the best in regional chili and beer? Seems perfect to us. Learn more now.
  6. Chattanooga Craft Beer Festival - Chattanooga, TN
    Three years in and still the Chattanooga Craft Beer Festival isn't as nationally renowned as it likely should be. Presented by Terminal Brewhouse, the festival features the best in music, food and beer, and is limited to just 1,500 people. It's not only Chattanooga's most exciting beer fest, but it certainly is in contention for being the best in all of Tennessee. Learn more now.

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