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Colorado Collaboration Fest

The Westin Westminster Westminster, Colorado, USA

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Collaboration Fest celebrates the magic that happens when brewers combine forces and create unique and exclusive beers once a year! This event is a favorite among brewers in Colorado because of the festival’s unique setup: Breweries collaborate to create new and exclusive beers, then we get together and drink them. Collaboration beers are much more than just beer, they’re stories about the connections brewers make with each other. From a stuck mash that caused a 20-hour brew day, to planning a collab beer around a recipe that AI thinks is healthy; it’s about camaraderie, passion, friendship, and craft. All of the beers served at Collab Fest are one-off beers that were created solely for this event making this one of the most exclusive festivals to attend. Ballrooms full of creative and rare beers, this is why Collab Fest is a favorite amongst Colorado brewers. It’s their chance to be creative, hang out with friends, and enjoy some of the best craft beer around. This is your chance to come party with us and celebrate everything that is Colorado craft beer.

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