Defiant Abominable Snowfest

  • Defiant Brewing Company 6 Dexter Plaza, Pearl River, New York, US
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The Abominable Snowfest is the local beerfest. At Defiant, we truly believe that an enormous part of the enjoyment of beer is the companionship that it brings and friendship it sparks. With craft beer exploding in popularity, so has the beerfest industry. We are bringing it back to the brewery. This fest is designed to show the community that there are incredible breweries all within a short run/walk/bike/swim/drive. Along with this, it allows us as brewers to have an excuse to all hang out with each other and the amazing customers who support our brand. Spend your hard earned beer cash on products created by your neighbors. This is the heart of TASF. All breweries involved are from the Hudson Valley, the five boroughs of NYC, or North NJ.

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