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Festival of Wood & Barrel-Aged Beer

Credit Union 1 Arena, Chicago, IL, USA Chicago, Illinois, USA

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The Festival of Wood & Barrel-Aged Beer (FoBAB) returns to Chicago on November 22-23, 2024, to uphold its reputation as North America's premier and most extensive celebration of barrel-aged beer, proudly hosted by the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild. FoBAB is a unique tribute to the ingenuity and artistry that characterizes the world of barrel-aged brewing. You can secure tickets for two tasting sessions, one on Friday, November 3, and another on Saturday, November 4, at the UIC Credit Union 1 Arena located on Chicago's west side. These sessions offer attendees the chance to savor a wide array of barrel-aged beverages, including beers, ciders, meads, and perries, spanning 12 distinct style categories. Each of these libations has been carefully crafted and aged in contact with wood or wooden barrels, originating from breweries across the nation. For those seeking a change of pace from the traditionally higher alcohol content samples, there's a Lager Lounge to provide respite. Additionally, the 'NA Lounge,' hosted by Revolution Brewing, will feature the brewery's innovative Super-Zero Hop Water. By attending FoBAB, you're not only treating your palate but also contributing to the largest annual fundraiser for the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild (ICBG). Your participation directly supports their mission of advancing education, promotion, and advocacy on behalf of their member craft breweries. Don't miss out on an unforgettable celebration of barrel-aged excellence while championing a vital cause!

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