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Brew 2 at the Zoo

Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

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The Fall edition of Palm Beach County's most unique craft beer festival is back! Celebrate South Florida's amazing craft beer with samples from at least 25 of our local brewers. The breweries are spread through out the Zoo with 2-3 different brews each. That means 60+ different beers that you could try. Brewery reps are on hand to answer your questions about their products. Plus, you'll get to see amazing wildlife including many highly endangered species. Since all the beer is brewed within 75 miles of the Zoo, this is the lowest carbon footprint beer festival in the Southeast. Plus, local breweries create local jobs. Both important considerations in living sustainably! Also, many craft brewers are very conservation oriented in their daily operation. That's good for you and for wildlife!

Palm Beach Zoo Brew at the Zoo hours are 5:30-9PM for VIP, 6:00PM-9PM for GA.